General Voice Communication Control System

the idea came to life?

- During a conversetion between me and Eric Bocaneanu, that we need a better intecome system, something that will bring the reality to VATSIM, one step closer. After that, it just came down of chosing the method to achieve it.

use Skype?

- During the conversation, we talked that EuroScope's intercom (and VATSIM's ATC client in general) is not 100% reliable, as it is a P2P connection and requeries port forwarding. Which doesn't seems to work all the time. So what else was out there that was reliable, was working 99% of the time (hey it's a software, there is no perfection) and didn't need any port forwarding? Answer: Skype! Plus Skype brings some realism in simulating a land line - it does that by design.